Danger of Drinking Water While Standing

In a study of acupuncture health experts held one
acupuncture. This is evidenced in terms of health.

Drinking water that goes with drinking while sitting will be screened by sfringer.
Sfringer maskuler is a structure (muscular) which can be opened (so that urine can pass) and close. Any water we drink will be provided at the posts in the kidney filtration ….

Now if we take up, without water we drink filtered again.
Directly to the bladder … When directly to the bladder, the ureter tract deposition occurs ..

Because many of the remaining wastes in the ureter. This is what can
crystals cause kidney disease.

One of the dangerous kidney disease .. It causes difficulty urinating. .

The fix:
A. make it a habit to drink sitting.

2. drink plenty of water but do not be too far and do not rush


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