Experiment Mitotic in Onion

Chosen as the onion root lab materials because their cells are actively dividing. To observe the mitotic cell division takes an active part of the split, which are cells derived from meristem tissue. The root tip and shoot tip is the most suitable material for observing mitosis (Evert, Ray Franklin 2006: 107).

Evert, Ray F. , 2006. Esau‘s Plant Anatomy, Third Edition. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.. New Jersey: xx + 601 p.

The solution used in the lab is 1M HCL and dye asetokarmin. 1M HCL solution serves to melisis cell walls and tissues to be observed. Class of strong acid such as hydrochloric acid (HCL) is used to soften the tissue to be observed. Asetokarmin dyes for coloring serves to phase-fesenya chromosomes can be observed clearly under a microscope. asetokarmin is one of the dyes are often used because it is easy to get, and more rapid absorption of the color (Jones & Rickards 1991: 16).

After the dropwise HCL and asetokarmin, then the next step fixation process is carried out. Namely by passing the root preparation on the fire spirits. Fixation process is a process that aims to halt cell division, so that the various stages of cell division can be observed under the microscope (Jones & Rickards 1991: 18).

Jones R.N. & Rickards G.K. In 1991. Practical Genetics. Open University Press. West Sussex: 278 p.

Allium cepa L or onion crop is the crop and have a coated bulb. Plants have root fibers, with a hollow cylindrical leaves. Tubers are formed from the base of leaf stems together and form that change shape and function, enlarged and form a coated bulb. Bulbs of onion is formed of layers of leaves that are enlarged and united. Bulbs onions are not true bulbs, such as potato or taro.


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