Fertile soil is land that has a depth of more than 150cm, textured clay, crumb structure, its pH around 6.5, has the activity of soil microorganisms that live high enough nutrient for crop growth eraser.

Improving Soil Fertility
Any attempt aimed at the improvement of soil fertility is the first in the direction of physical improvements, the structure of the soil by increasing organic matter content. In improving the chemical state of the soil pH soil examined, for a good crop cultivated pH around 6.5. At this pH the greatest nutrient availability, if the pH is less than 6.5  up with calcification such as whiting, lime stone wall or a fine. To improve soil nutrient deficiencies can be done by fertilizing. Microbial activity can be enhanced by improving soil physical and chemical state of mainly increasing organic compound.

Several factors are required for fertilization efficiency:
1. Soil properties, especially pH
2. Plant traits, such as longevity.
3. Types and kinds of fertilizer
for specific soil materials such need nitrogen or phosphate fertilizer should be given to the needs of nitrogen and like phosphate
4. when fertilizing
each type of plant nutrients have the greatest needs at certain times. If it is too early resulting in the loss of a portion of the fertilizer. . Nitrogen fertilizer should be given to the needs of the largest crops because fertilizer is easily washed. For the phosphate fertilizer plant because  given time in the formation of roots.
5. Method of fertilizer application
a. Provide a high fertilization efficiency.
b. Not cause damage to plant roots
c. tractable


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