Clean water is water that meets the requirements of understanding for irrigating rice fields, to care for the treatment of drinking water and water sanitation. Requirements here in terms of chemical content, physical and biological.
Good water is water that is not excessively contaminated by chemical or mineral, especially by or mineral substances that harmful to health. As for some of the indicators that have been polluted river water is as flow:
a) The change in water temperature. When hot water directly discharged into the environment will disrupt the lives of aquatic animals and other microorganism.
b) The change of pH or hydrogen ion concentration. Normal water are eligible for a life has a pH ranging between 6,5 to 7,5
c) The change of color, smell, and taste of water. Water under normal circumstances and generally will not clean the color, so look clear and crisp, but it did not apply absolutely, sometime even poisonous substance contained in industrial waste that does not cause discoloration of the water. Odor to the water environment can be used absolutely as one sign of population. If water has a sense there is a material increase in the water and change the hydrogen ion concentration and pH of the water.
d) The onset of precipitation, colloidal, dissolved materials. Solid waste which, before reaching the bottom of the river will float in the water with colloidal, thereby blocking the entry of sunlight into the water layer. Though sunlight is need by microorganisms to perform photosynthesis.
e) The presence of microorganism. Microorganism are very instrumental in the process of degradation of waste material from domestic or industrial waste. When the waste material that must be degraded quite a lot, then the microorganism will participate breeding. On the proliferation of these microorganism is also possible that pathogenic mikrobes. Multiply participate anyway.
f) The increased radioactivity of the water environment. Radioactive substances from a variate of activities can cause a wide a rage of biological damage f not handled properly, either direct effect or delayed effects


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