Benefits swimming for babies

Results of the study in Melbourne, Australia, showed a statistically IQ of children who are taught to swim as a baby higher than children who are not taught to swim or be taught to swim after age 5 years. Children’s IQ was measured when they were aged 10 years. Not only that, the growth of physical, emotional and social even better.

Other studies have shown that babies are taught to swim more easily than adults, because the baby never has the X factor such danger. Is not the baby does not understand the danger? After all, babies love the water
so that he would like to be invited to swim. Well, this makes it so much easier to learn to swim.

In addition, newborn babies until the age of 3 months can be directly nyemplung into the water without fear of drowning, because at that age, he has a lot of usefulness stepping reflex to swim.

Stepping reflex is a reflex that accompanies the baby as well as the grasping reflex and reflex walking, explained Dr. Karel staff of Pondok Indah Hospital, a former record-holding swimmer 200 meters breaststroke in 1960-1962.

So, if we put the baby under 3 months of age in the water, it will automatically move their legs like a dog paddle so it did not sink. That said, at the age under 3 months of your baby can
swim with a primitive style.

Not that after that age, babies can not swim anymore, lo. Despite his reflexes had disappeared, he still can do the swim, although not organized or disheveled. You see, with no gravity, he felt pressured from below the water so he could float. He was so happy.

Especially since the mother’s belly, the baby was actually swimming in the amniotic fluid for 9 months. After birth, residence enhanced ability to swim alone. In fact, so popular this swim, outside the country to have the birthing process is carried out in the water

The important note, when the baby must feel safe to swim and there must be a safety. So, parents should accompany. This is an absolute requirement. If parents are both into the water and swim together with the baby, then in addition to feeling safe, baby can feel the response from parents

Besides, with accompanying parents can also play with the baby so that there is interaction between people. This is one of the benefits of swimming. Just compare the new baby when learning to sit or walk, whether the parents will assist and perform the same movements continuously with the child they both entered the water, swim together, so enjoy it more flavor. It would be useful for the psychological development of children. That is why, both parents should go along with playing in the water.

Obviously, swimming is also useful for growth. Motor develops more rapidly than he was just playing on the floor. Is not the time to swim, all the muscles working. Now, if on the floor, only certain muscles are working.

Moreover, if the mother gives the baby a baby walker to get used to running with it. Finally, muscle movements become limited because only certain muscles are working.

Well, now more stable mother-father, right, invite your child to swim? But swimming at home, yes, if your child is aged under 6 months, in order to control the cleanliness and temperature of the water. Do not forget, in this age babies immature digestive enzymes. So, when he was accidentally swallowing water when swimming is not clean, can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and so forth.

Not that the house should have a swimming pool. After all, many things that can be used in place of a pool such as bathtubs, large buckets, bathtubs, and more. Well, get used to the baby play in it. Actually, when the middle infant bath or water play is one way to recognize or appreciate the water on the child, said Karel.

Once babies aged 6 months up then take her to the swimming pool or the public. But it should choose, yes. Maybe in Indonesia is still difficult for us, is not it, baseball has a special swimming pool baby. Even most of the pond
pool in Jakarta, which was used-that’s all, just going around there.

He twisted the life of the machine and then added chlorine and leaves or litter removed; newly replaced once a month. This is due to the difficulty of water sources in Jakarta. Another in the mountain town of Bogor and Cibodas such, they have a swimming pool where the water flows.

So, if want to carry a baby to swim in public pools, select the appropriate time, when the pool is still in a clean state, usually in the morning. Temperature should also be adjusted, should not be more than 31
or 32 degrees celcius. Especially for the first month-old baby, its temperature is 34-35 degrees Celsius.

Another hygiene must be considered is kaporitnya, not too saturated, because chlorine can cause skin irritation, eye, and others. The size of the chlorine set for children is 6-8 ppm. Be careful, lo,
Bu-Pak, if the baby is feeling the trauma of her sore, for example, will be a constraint.

Remember, do not let the parents take the baby swimming for the pursuit of achievement as its primary purpose is recreation. Some medical associations abroad even children say, swimming in children under 4 years of age should not be a goal to pursue the achievement.

On top of that age then the parents can teach swimming styles are targeted for achievement. In another language, baby swim just for fun. So-so from the age of one year focused on achievement, but not by way of reduced

For example, every day must swim 50 yards back and forth. You see, at that age he can only follow the movements that made her parents pool. Similarly, one year old baby who likes seeing angry parents who like to get angry, as well as swim. If the parents prefer to swim in a style that is good enough then he will follow.
Do not forget, when with her, Mom-Dad also be fun, lo, not because of necessity.


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