wonders of the land

wonders of the land
Land, according to modern medical science is known to contain two materials that can kill germs, namely: tetracycline and tetarolite. These two elements are used for the extermination process (sterilization) a few germs.

Experiments and several hypotheses to explain that soil is an element effective in killing germs. You will also be surprised to learn the cemetery who died of a strange and hard, you think there are lots of germs because of illness, it turns out the researchers did not find any traces of the disease germs in the content of the soil.

According to Kamil Muhammad Abd Al Shamad, soils contain a strong element of eliminating germs and germs.

It is based on the molecules contained in the soil together with these germs, thus simplifying the whole process of sterilizing germs.

This land as it also contains materials that can sterilize the seeds of the germ. The doctors argued, the land forces to stop the reaction in dog saliva and viruses in them is greater because of the difference in power to press on the area between the fluids (saliva of the dog) and the ground.


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