In Vitro Fertilisation

Definition of IVF

Artificial insemination is a translation from English, namely Artificial Insemination. In Arabic called Al-Al-Shina’iy Talqih. In the Indonesian language people call with artificial insemination, artificial insemination, or artificial insemination. IVF is the scientific term for the holding conception of human endeavor with a glass tube. This process is called fertilization in vitro, whereas the natural fertilization process called in vivo.

Dra. Djamalin Djanah provide understanding, artificial insemination IVF is “a seminal work put into the uterus (womb) using a special tool for the purpose of conception”. Dr. H. Ali Akbar defines “insert the sperm into the female genitalia without copulation to fertilize an egg or ovum women.

Of some of the definitions above can be taken notion that artificial insemination is a method or technique to get pregnant without intercourse (coitus).

The purpose of artificial insemination or IVF there is:

To breed humans quickly.
To create a human genius, and ideal as you wish.
Alternative for women who want to have children and do not want to get married.
· For scientific experiments.
· The solution for infertile couples.
• Developing medical technology.
· Helping couples who have difficulty having children.

The work process of artificial insemination to produce a child without intercourse, then the techniques used are:

1.Fertilisasi In Vitro (FIV), how to take the husband’s sperm and ovum wife, and then processed in vitro (tube) and after fertilization, and then transferred to a woman. This technique is known as in vitro fertilization or fertilization outside the body.

2.Gamet Felopian Intra Fallopian (GIFT), by taking a wife the husband’s sperm and ova, once mixed, fertilization, and then planted in the channel sagera egg (fallopian tubes), or in other words, bring together germ cells (gametes) that sperm and the ovum by spraying a mixture of germ cells was memekai cannula tube into the ampulla, but this technique is not a test-tube babies. The second technique is more natural than the first technique, because sperm can only fertilize the ovum in the fallopian falupi own mother after ejaculation through sexual intercourse.

Seeds of the egg retrieval involves taking an egg cell (ovum pick up) and capture / sperm expenditure. For the woman’s egg retrieval seeds can be reached in two ways. First with laparosopi and ultrasound (ultrasonography), the first way: hold the ovary in the clamp and suction. Follicular fluid containing the eggs in check in a microscope to find the egg. Whereas the latter (USG) follicles that appear on the screen pierced with a needle through the vagina and then suction follicles that contain eggs such as laparoscopic suction.

Compared to the egg retrieval, sperm retrieval easier. To get the male sperm can be reached by:

– Istimna ‘(masturbation)

– azl (coitus interrupted)

– sucked from the testicles (testes)

– Jima ‘with a condom

– sperm are shed into the right vaginayang aspirated with syringe

– Sperm night dream

Among the five methods above, which is considered a good way is to masturbate (masturbation)

Origin and place of seed planting

1. baby of a legitimate couple (homologous insemination)

Islam permits sexual intercourse between men and women, if they are tied by the knot. Motif intercourse will be undertaken by a legitimate partner is to get a descent. As for intercourse outside of marriage is to satisfy the mere lust. If artificial insemination is associated with the seed comes from a legitimate couple, either by way of conception outside the womb then injected kedalah womb by taking a wife or a husband’s sperm and then injected into the wife’s uterus. This action is not considered adultery or be legal because it is derived from spouse suamu wives. This is allowed if it is the condition of a husband and wife really need artificial insemination to have children.

IVF allowed wives to husbands, because the benefits are huge in domestic life. For husband and wife who longs to the child, but could not then proceed naturally through the IVF process, the child who will soon present his side missed. Therein lies the kemaslahatannya, so the skill is based through maslahah mursalah.

2. babay rather than married couples (heterologous)

Artificial insemination of donor sperm from a man who injected into the vagina that is not his wife. Both by way of fertilization outside the uterus, where fertilization of sperm taken from the husband and wife, and then deposited into the womb of another woman.


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